Object type:

Indoor wayfinding system, graphics

Office space

is a Country

of Opportunities


220 m2

The office decoration of the space was done in a standard design code, without any brand affiliation. Due to wayfinding signages and decoration elements, the space acquired a unique style and association with the company.
For the nameplates, an ultra-thin profile was used, powder-coated to match the color of the interior elements. This profile was designed specifically for the production of plates with replaceable information; now employees have the opportunity to replace information without resorting to the services of printing houses.
Department markers and end points were made into prefabricated panels with the signature pattern cut into them. All content is made with vinyl film, for ease of changing information if necessary.
The illuminated logo at the reception became a separate project, since the size of the letters required careful and exquisite craftsmanship during assembly. All letters are backlit and mounted on three-dimensional metal plates to fully match the corporate logo.
Large meeting room markers and frosted doors at the entrance became bright accents in the space.