Sergiev Posad

Internal wayfinding system

Object type:
Office Space
4020 m2
The peculiarity of this project was that it used various materials and production technologies. For the main signs, 8 mm black PVC was used, covered with a wood-like textured film; the information was applied using direct UV printing with white.
To create a complete interior look, all ends of the indicators were sanded. This way we were able to achieve the effect of solid wood with invisible seams.
Plates with changeable information are implemented by hidden gluing of transparent acrylic into the base, which makes the design unified. This solution made it possible to abandon standard solutions with aluminum profiles and pockets for removable information.
In the project, more than 450 m2 of glass office partitions were covered with matt film with a pattern made by UV printing.
The logo in the reception was made on a base made of transparent tempered glass 6 mm with three-dimensional letters made of black polystyrene and stainless steel. This solution allows you to easily change the logo during rebranding.
The sign at the entrance consists of three-dimensional letters made of stainless steel with backlit lighting.
A hidden fastening of the panel brackets to the wall was developed, which made it possible to maintain the design concept, which assumed the absence of fasteners and additional elements when installing pictograms on the walls.
Accent icons for endpoints and meeting rooms are made of vinyl film with a super-strong adhesive layer, which has good adhesion to painted walls.